Boonville Community Supported Agriculture

(BCSA) is a program of the Anderson Valley Chamber of Commerce working in conjunction with the Boonville Farmers’ Market. The BCSA offers memberships to the Farmers’ Market, establishing a guaranteed market for local products. This guaranteed market is expanded thru our subsidized member program, bringing quality food to those in need. This stable, direct market makes the connection between producers and consumers, helping to make area farms more efficient while giving consumers the buying power to ask for specific products creating a system where we grow what we eat in the Anderson Valley. Connections between farmers and community residents, particularly those most significantly impacted by cost and quality, can mend a social fabric that has been torn by disinvestment in both communities. Each farmer feels a part of something bigger and each consumer feels as if their needs are being individually met.

How it Works

Joining the Boonville Community Supported Agriculture program supports local agriculture while making nutritious choices available for your family.

  • Choose a member level based on your families need and receive a canvas market bag and a member card.
  • Present your member card at the Farmers’ Market table and receive “community shares” in $10 or $20 increments depending on your member level.
  • Shop with any and all market vendors.
    • Level 1 - $100 per season $25 subsidized member co-pay
    • Level 2 - $200 per season $100 subsidized member co-pay
    • Level 2 - $400 per season $100 subsidized member co-pay
  • Payments are accepted for all levels and subsidies.


The Boonville Community Supported Agriculture (BCSA) program is designed to help bring the community together by:

  • Assisting the farmers with making their farms economically viable thru a guaranteed customer base, linking the producers with the consumers.
  • Giving the consumers the buying power, of their commitment, to create a system where what we eat in Anderson Valley is what we grow.
  • Bringing members of the community together, making connections, with our subsidized BCSA memberships.


We want to encourage a sustainable economy by supporting all areas of our society. The BCSA program promotes the community thru:

  • Our donation program for subsidized BCSA memberships, bringing quality local foods to families and individuals without access to highly nutritious foods.
  • The guaranteed customer base for the farmers that assists in planning and price control.
  • The control for consumers over where and how their food is grown and what their money supports.


The BCSA is built to involve the consumer in the growing of their food by making quality nutritious decisions convenient at the same time keeping their money in the community, supporting friends and neighbors and encouraging the upkeep of farmland by taking the first step in community sustainability. With a sustainable food economy, we help to keep our precious farmland in production, protected from development and depletion and ensure that our farmers continue working and hiring.

Subsidized Memberships

The BCSA is working in conjunction with the Boonville Food Bank and the Anderson Valley Senior Center to connect farmers with low income families allowing them their choice of quality, nutritious food without an air of charity. This makes fresh feel-good food available to families with compromised nutrition and brings the community together while supporting our local food economy.

Help bring quality food to someone in need

Your donation will go towards subsidized BCSA memberships that are not only making a difference in quality of life but helping to support you local growers as well. Please:

  • Make a monetary contribution that we will put towards a subsidized BCSA membership. Ask others to match.
  • Purchase a membership for someone you know.
  • Ask your church, local agency or organization for contributions or to seek donations for a BCSA subsidy fund.
  • Ask your employer to match contributions from employees.


For more info contact: