Volunteer Opportunities

If you have time and skills to contribute to the community, you can refer to the list of organizations below who would welcome your involvement.


We have opportunities ranging from maintenance and facilitieis management, to on-air programming, to pledge drive assistance, and so much more. If you are interested in offering your talents to support KZYX&Z Community Public Radio, you can fill out a volunteer form at kzyx.org or call Kat at (707) 895-2324.

Ambulance Service

The Anderson Valley Ambulance Service is a non-profit organization that operates with an all volunteer crew. It is always looking for volunteer drivers as well as EMTs. Standby shifts allow crew members to go about their normal lives within the Valley until an emergency call comes in, then they respond. Call volume and pay is low, but the rewards and satisfaction of serving your community in this unique way are high. Call Bruce at (707) 895-3123.

The Navarro River Resource Center

The Navarro River Resource Center provides educational outreach and resource materials to landowners and residents of the Navarro River watershed. Its goal is to help foster volunteer land stewardship practices. Located at 14125 Hwy 128 in Boonville, the office is open Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1-5pm. Stop by or call (707) 895-3230 for volunteer opportunities.

The Navarro Watershed Working Group

The Navarro Watershed Working Group is a community services group created to support voluntary stewardship of the watershed through information, education, demonstration, and dedication. Activities include creek clean-ups and stream restoration projects, invasive plant removal, planting of native plants, and student mentoring with science projects. More information at www.nwwg.org.

The Anderson Valley Elder Home

The Anderson Valley ElderHome is a grassroots community project run by a volunteers. We need volunteers with fundraising, development and event-planning skills, and we always welcome help staffing our many annual fundraising events. www.avelderhome.org or (707) 895-3889.

The Anderson Valley Housing Association

The Anderson Valley Housing Association works to provide affordable housing for the residents of Anderson Valley. A non-profit organization since 1987, AVHA welcomes volunteer participation. Please contact us at avha@pacific.net or (707) 895-3525.